Espousing the explanation on the reduction of Alternate Union Federations of staff of 41 Ordnance Factories, All India Alternate Union Congress (AITUC) has appealed to High Minister Narendra Modi to desist from handing over the defence fashions to personal corporates.

It has additionally flagged ‘irregularities’ in the Expression of Hobby (EOI)-cum- Inquire of of for Proposal (RFB) floated for appointing advisor to implement corporatisation of Ordnance Factory Board.

In a letter to the High Minister, AITUC Customary Secretary Amarjeet Kaur stated the ordnance factories being the fourth force of the Defence of the nation must continually be below the withhold watch over of the Authorities for strategic reasons. Changing its utter to a public sector venture after which privatising used to be no longer in the hobby of national security and defence preparedness. The choice of the authorities to corporatise the ordnance factories used to be in opposition to the past written assurances given by the previous Defence Ministers and additionally in opposition to the assurances given in Parliament, the letter stated.

Finalisation of contract at a time when two complaints filed with the Central Vigilance Commission used to be below investigation has created doubts in the minds of the parents, Mr. Amarjeet Kaur stated.

Ordnance factories were the pioneers of ‘Function in India’ motto, with over 90 % indigenous products. Ordnance factories can’t continue to exist as a PSU as they are war reserve and there will seemingly be fluctuation in the requirement of navy. Corporatisation will result in handing over ₹1 lakh crore rate of resources and 62,000 acres of land to crony capitalists and non-public corporates. The Ministry of Defence will seemingly be unable to repair accountability, the letter stated.

The AITUC fully helps the ‘ancient wrestle’ of the staff to identify the defence commercial from liquidation by the indefinite strike taking off from October 12, the letter stated.