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From Friday to Friday: The Vikas Dubey story


From Friday to Friday: The Vikas Dubey story

LUCKNOW: Vikas Dubey was a relatively unknown name in Uttar Pradesh and its underworld till Friday, July 3. As the sun dawned on Friday, Dubey had become the most dreaded name in the country. He and his accomplices had shot dead eight police personnel in Bikru village under Chaubeypur police circle in cold blood. The…


Vikas Dubey

was a moderately unknown title in Uttar Pradesh and its underworld until Friday, July 3.

As the solar dawned on Friday, Dubey had turn out to be essentially the most dreaded title in the nation.

He and his accomplices had shot tiring eight police personnel in Bikru village under Chaubeypur police circle in cold blood.

The police team had long gone to Vikas Dubey’s home in the wee hours of Friday to arrest him in a case of attempted raze.

Dubey, who had been tipped off referring to the police raid by some moles in the police power, was ready along with his gang and opened fire on unsuspecting police personnel.

He fled the scene along with his accomplices, leaving on the reduction of a path of blood, rage and scare.

The incident, first of its model in Uttar Pradesh, resulted in nationwide outrage and solid aspersions on the

Yogi Adityanath

government and the voice police power.

The Kanpur police shot tiring two suspects,

Prem Prakash Pandey

and Atul Dubey, within four hours of the incident.

In yet every other knee-jerk reaction, the police demolished Dubey’s home in Bikru village a day after the bloodbath and trampled over his two autos and two tractors with an earthmover.

The action made political leaders love regular Union Minister Salman Khurshid request the legality of the action and the action on his household earned him increase from the Brahmin crew.

Space officer Vinay Tiwari and inspector K.K. Sharma had been suspended after their name factor information confirmed their conversation with the gangster. The two had been arrested on Wednesday.

As investigations improved, the political connections of Vikas Dubey grabbed headlines. His photos with high political leaders all the arrangement by the political spectrum added to the discomfiture of the americans in energy and in the opposition.

Investigations printed that Vikas had accumulated wealth and property by presents in proper property, liquor business and contracts.

Political occasions indulged in mud-slinging and performed the blame game because the STF hunted down and killed his lieutenant Amar Dubey on Wednesday in Hamirpur and

Bauan Dubey

in Etawah. Prabhat Mishra, who was arrested from Faridabad on Wednesday, was shot tiring in an bump into on Thursday – paradoxically, on the identical location the attach Vikas Dubey would later be felled on Friday.

Vikas Dubey, in the meantime, remained elusive for the police. Fifty groups of voice police and

Particular Job Force

raided all his hideouts and picked up his household contributors in an strive to mount stress on the gangster.

The borders of the voice had been sealed and frantic searches had been applied on the highways while Vikas remained holed up in a relative’s home in Kanpur itself for two days.

He then managed to reached Faridabad the attach he was caught in a CCTV digital camera at a hotel. The police reached after he had left.

Every coast of Vikas Dubey was hungrily lapped up by the media, turning the gangster right into a noteworthy-dreaded don nearly in a single day.

Even because the police persevered its makes an attempt to arrest the gangster, Vikas quietly slipped into Madhya Pradesh and then to Ujjain. On Thursday morning, he went to the noted Mahakaal temple the attach he printed his identity and acquired himself arrested.

The Madhya Pradesh police claimed the credit for his arrest and Vikas was handed over to the UP STF on Thursday night.

He had reached Kanpur on Friday morning when the SUV he was being brought in overturned and he was killed while looking out to flee.

When he died, Vikas Dubey had performed his paddle accomplish a nonentity to a noteworthy-dreaded gangster — all in per week, from Friday to Friday.

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