The Sankarankovil Metropolis police dangle arrested a girl and her grandmother as they allegedly murdered and burnt the physique of a newborn boy.

On seeing fireplace on the premises of a cinema apartment on Railway Feeder Avenue on Wednesday, passers-by save out the flame. After they noticed partly burnt physique of a newborn child wrapped in a fabric, they alerted the police, who despatched the physique to the Govt Hospital for a post-mortem.

The police pressed into carrier a sniffer dog. It is far learnt that S. Sankara Gomathi, 22, of Sangupuram in Sankarankovil, a spinster, had killed the newborn with the assist of her grandmother Indrani, 66, and burnt it.

Since the girl turned into very outmoded after handing over the newborn, she turned into hospitalised and the police chose to wait until she grew to develop into wide awake. By evening, the police learnt that the girl had an affair with a person from the same apartment, grew to develop into pregnant and delivered the boy on Tuesday evening in her apartment. With the assist of her grandmother, she murdered the exiguous one and burnt the physique.

According to the records smooth from family contributors, the police dangle launched a search to arrest the organic father of the newborn to know if he had a job in the assassinate.