My most inspiring desires to Ms. Malini Parthasarathy for being appointed Chairperson (“Malini Parthasarathy appointed Chairperson of The Hindu Community Publishing Non-public Shrimp”, July 16). Right here’s also a time to endure in strategies the dear contributions of Mr. N. Ram to the newspaper. All over his tenure as Chairman, several changes were made to the paper, on the replacement hand it has retained its design as the No. 1 paper in south India. He did no longer compromise either on the values of the organisation or on the ethics of the enterprise. We need him a healthy retired life.

R.S. Raghavan,


With her wisely off experience as both Govt Editor and Editor of the paper, we’re particular Ms. Parthasarathy will uphold the most practical doubtless standards of journalistic probity and excellence.

P.K. Varadarajan,


Our most inspiring desires to the contemporary Chairperson for carrying forward THG’s legacy of serving the nationwide hobby and enlightening the final man on on every day basis events with none bias.

A.A. Jambukumaran,


Girls folks are wisely interior their proper to celebration and drink; that would not by any contrivance mark consent for a physical relationship (“Placing victims on trial”, July 16). Additionally, as soon as-given consent cannot be truly apt preserving lawful for all times. It’s miles ridiculous to argue that a lady is resisting physical abuse thoroughly if she shouts. There could be not any such thing as a such thing as a vulnerable mode of behaviour for ladies folks defending themselves against rape. It’s miles appalling that such arguments are made in courts even on the present time to shame victims.

Sanath Kumar T.S.,


The practise of blaming victims is deeply entrenched in our society. The very basis of this thought begins on the household level. It begins after we train girls that they wish to aloof dress or behave in a selected manner that doesn’t invite bother. This gender-biased instruction at home needs to replace first.

R. Dhatchinamoorthy,


India’s training gadget is nothing however a marks-oriented atmosphere (“Fewer high scorers in Class 10 checks”, July 16). It doesn’t train college students easy the model to contend with failure. There could be a must shift from focusing on marks on my own to overall model. For this, the media, academics and folks all play a truly powerful position. As yet any other of sharing tales on toppers on my own, the media must aloof also talk about of how this type of slim-minded thought of success is perilous for children. Of us and academics must aloof train children to focal level on their have special and ingenious expertise, so that college students are no longer below such rigidity.

Ankita Prasher,


With China’s rising economic and navy vitality, the Indo-Pacific region goes by an phenomenal bother begging for nearer coordination between the international locations within the region, on the replacement hand it lacks a unifying force (“China’s put up-COVID aggression is reshaping Asia”, July 16). The U.S. seems to be to have neither the need nor the foresight to beef up the region in its efforts against China’s aggression. The methodology the U.S. has deserted multilateralism by withdrawing from the Paris Accord, the Iran nuclear deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, UNESCO, UNHRC and WHO has dismayed the comfort of the enviornment. Beneath these conditions, India has a vital position to play in bringing collectively the international locations within the Indo-Pacific, forging regional alliances for nearer coordination and cooperation, and blunting Chinese aggression. The U.S.’s perspective and withdrawal from multilateral businesses and agreements is no longer thoroughly harming the enviornment however the U.S. itself, and is providing a fertile floor for China to pursue its hegemonic objectives.

Kosaraju Chandramouli,