Their sleek single ‘Purana Sheher’ is an ode to the delight of Hyderabad

Their sleek single ‘Purana Sheher’ is an ode to the delight of Hyderabad

It has been eight years since Mohd Altaf Hussain and Md Salman Ali Khan, two historic laundromat staff stumbled on a total love for hip-hop beats. Shrimp did the chums realise that in the years to prepare, they would be ready to work and moreover manufacture time for his or her passion. Meet the Hyderabadi hip-hop duo Ahsaas (Altaf) and MJ Robb (Salman) who rap on the Hyderabadi culture and life-style. “The songs describe where we’re from and are an ode to the Purana Sheher (Broken-down Metropolis) of Hyderabad,” voice the duo.

Debut track

Screenshot from the ‘Marfa Baja Be’ song

While their debut track ‘Awaara’ (2015) was about love and longing, the following single ‘Marfa Baja Be’ featured the foot-tapping Marfa beats performed at Hyderabadi weddings. To this level, the duo relish launched eight songs on the Hyderabadi ability of existence and traits. Ahsaas (Altaf) works for Gemini Consulting & Products and companies while Robb (Salman) is an employee of Sawera Township. Says Earn, “Money saved after the family charges is used to fabricate songs. We anecdote songs after work and use our weekly offs to shoot videos and write lyrics.”

The duo collaborate to weave fragments of daily conversations and write songs inspired by their social milieu. “We manufacture no longer relish time to fabricate song so we give the words to hip-hop song producers who produce the song,” says Ahsaas. There’s palpable pleasure in his declare as he talks about their sleek single ‘Purana Sheher’. Delhi-based fully mostly Jaysan (Sanjay Mathpal) is the beat producer for this inspiring number. Shot in and spherical Hyderabad, the song is shut to their hearts. Some of its traces encompass: Sultanat Nizami Mir Osman Ali Khan Ki Tu Sunaa Kya Kahaani? Toh Solar, Aake Dekh Aake Dekh Mera Purana Sheher mera India Mein No. 1 Hyderabad Sheher Mera, Dekh Zara Dekh.

Pride of Hyderabad

Hyderabad has been an inspiration for song writers but very few level of curiosity on the metropolis’s purana sheher (Broken-down Metropolis). We rap on its used-world charm and nawabi attitude and its enticing strength. A form of the individuals listed right here are evening birds and manufacture no longer sleep unless 3 am; they’re elated with the easy things in existence. Khatti dal taleva khaake zindagi mast hai (Sour dal and mutton fry will manufacture them elated),” shares Ahsaas.

The duo admit their preliminary videos lacked the sparkling aptitude the hip-hop style lends to their fresh commence. ”Fashion and attitude came from abilities,” says Ahsaas. Adds Robb, “Our first song acquired’t be as precise as the fresh commence. It took time to grab what sound fits our style and figure out how to form our occupy rap style.” In the origin they couldn’t rating video editors and managed on their occupy but now they relish a crew — Ameer Zaheer and Md. Omer to shoot and edit their videos.

The duo hope to fabricate their voices heard across digital platforms. “Desi hip hop peaked with the Gully Boy movie and created more listeners for rap song. One in every of the traces in Purana Sheher says, ‘Mere Hyderabadi slang, drift ke toh hai, worldwide bandiyan diwaani’ . We hope to entertain and unfold Deccani culture and lingo via our songs,” they signal off.