M. Sivasankar, former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, coming out of the Police Club in the capital after being questioned by the NIA on Thursday.

M. Sivasankar, former Main Secretary to the Chief Minister, coming out of the Police Membership in the capital after being wondered by the NIA on Thursday.
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S. Mahinsha

Customs pursues cash plod of diplomatic channel gold smuggling

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has summoned M. Sivasankar, former Main Secretary to the Chief Minister, to its role of job in Kochi for extra questioning. It had interviewed him on the police club right here for four hours on Thursday.

A Negate police officer conscious of the NIA plan mentioned the company might perhaps well get hold of stumbled upon proof that required more clarification from Mr. Sivasankar.

A mere subpoena needn’t continuously be a signal of wrongdoing or precursor of an arrest.

The NIA turned into traditionally tight-lipped about matters of investigation. Mr. Sivasankar had many cases maintained that he turned into harmless of the crime though he had on some cases associated with about a of the suspects in the case.

Political implications

The NIA summons turned into no longer without political implications. It had reportedly sought surveillance video photography of Mr. Sivasankar’s role of job in the Secretariat.

The Opposition has known as for a Statewide snarl on August 1 seeking the resignation of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Mr. Vijayan reacted to the advance by declaring that the “NIA turned into on the accurate notice.”


In the meantime, Customs enforcers mentioned initial inquiries indicated that on the least two of the accused had crowd-sourced seed cash for the smuggling operation from some of us in North Kerala.

They mentioned the financiers had gargantuan cash reserves at hand continuously. They believed that their faith frowned upon the apply of interest and hence had been in opposition to depositing revenue monetary institution accounts.

Investigators mentioned gold smugglers paid the funders a portion of their profits as commission. The scheme operated primarily based entirely entirely on trust care for hawala networks.


Furthermore, the financiers had been also piquant to take dangers and no longer simply deterred if they lost cash when regulation enforcers busted gold smuggling runs.

“It’s care for playing. The financiers hope to enhance the cash by investing in a new smuggling expose. Loss is phase of the game. So are profits and a good deal of procure no longer gape the offence as a boring crime,” an official mentioned.