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Overseas support was crucial for Khalistan groups, says new book

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Overseas support was crucial for Khalistan groups, says new book

As more and more foreign governments, including the United Kingdom and Canada, refuse support for Khalistani demands of a “Referrendum 2020” , a new book sheds light on operations of India’s external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) in the face of earlier covert support by these countries for the Khalistani terror networks.…

As extra and extra foreign governments, collectively with the United Kingdom and Canada, refuse lend a hand for Khalistani demands of a “Referrendum 2020” , a new e-book sheds light on operations of India’s external intelligence agency, the Study and Analysis Fly (R&AW) in the face of earlier covert lend a hand by these nations for the Khalistani apprehension networks.

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The e-book, RAW: A History of India’s Covert Operations (Amazon Westland) by journalist Yatish Yadav, goes into noteworthy detail on now now not correct how Khalistani terrorists operated off shore, nonetheless moreover how foreign governments turned a blind respect and, in some instances, equipped covert lend a hand to such groups.

“The R&AW didn’t factor in U.S. authorities’ assurances that it will investigate the role of Khalistani extremists in Washington and Unique York,” says the e-book.

In step with the e-book, an R&AW operative — one “Dinesh Mathur” — managed to penetrate the networks in North The US, and even managed to regain to the apprehension movement’s chief Jagjit Singh Chouhan, and other top rating individuals.

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“In November 1988, Mathur had recruited a key Khalistani figure, Chatar Singh, who used to be living on Fairfax Toll road in Maryland,” says the e-book, describing in detail the sizable cache of palms in Singh’s basement and his eventual recruitment by the Indian see agency.

“In a document in July 1989, in accordance with data equipped by Chatar, Mathur warned his top bosses in Delhi about the monetary lend a hand extended to a pair Panthic Committees from the U.S.A and Canada. The leaders from the committees were running from Pakistan and stable havens in Nepal. He described the U.S. and Canada-based entirely entirely leaders of the movement as the fountainhead of Punjab’s insurgency,” says the e-book.

Recruitment of U.S. lobbyists, politicians for propaganda purposed by legit-Khalistani outfits in a single more nation used to be moreover deemed very contaminated to India in efforts to create a case in global fora in opposition to Khalistani apprehension groups.

Lessons from the companies’ blended catch of success and failure in handling the Khalistani apprehension groups, at the 2d are being sought to be performed as the hardsell over “Referrendum 2020” has begun. A proposal has been moved by the govt. extending immunity to cyber decoys recruited to counter propaganda and felony actions in the digital world. A resolution to pickle up a joint counter operations centre spirited the R&AW, the National Investigation Company (NIA), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Punjab Police, has been taken.

Most importantly, in a meeting of top officers in 2019, hiring of retired officers and spies, who had served in Punjab throughout the peak of the Khalistan movement, has moreover been favorite.

The events of the turbulent 1980s when the nation used to be nearly torn asunder because of separatist actions in Punjab and Assam is vividly described in the e-book. A pickle of years essential in the history of self reliant India.

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