A huge open drain running along the Anna Nagar Link Road over which a pedestrian pathway is planned to be built.

A huge begin drain running along the Anna Nagar Link Boulevard over which a pedestrian pathway is deliberate to be built.


The Tiruchi Corporation is decided to fabricate one other big funding on the Anna Nagar Link Boulevard style – this time to fabricate a pedestrian pathway over the big begin drain that runs along the eastern side of boulevard.

The Corporation has no longer too long ago called for tenders for constructing of the pedestrian pathway at a fee of ₹95 lakh below the Perfect Metropolis Mission. The bids are scheduled to be opened on August 27.

Trustworthy no longer too long ago, the Corporation has carried out constructing a Centre median along the boulevard, after demolishing the former one, at an funding of about ₹38 lakh. The median was once stated to be fragment of the beautification of the arterial boulevard which runs lower than a kilometre, though it was once broadly seen as a redundant expenditure as there was once already a median along the boulevard.

With the Uyyakondan canal running along the boulevard on the one side, a walkers tune was once developed along its banks a few years again. This was once one in all the three walkers tracks deliberate to be laid within the town by corporation at a total fee of about ₹3.85 crore with funds sanctioned from the Affirm Innovation Fund. The mission was once taken up shut on the heels of a orderly up force taken up by the corporation and Public Works Division of the canal and its banks.

Subsequently an begin fitness heart was once established in a bid of the walkers tune. While the walkers tune and the fitness heart enjoy modified into a big hit among the many city residents, the repeated investments being made on a single boulevard has triggered resentment among a share of residents and activists.

Questioning the rationale for spending this kind of big sum for a pedestrian pathway on the boulevard, where there is already a walkers tune on one side, M.Sekaran, president, Federation of Consumer and Carrier Organisations and member of the District Boulevard Safety Council, noticed that the boulevard as such would no longer attract many pedestrians nevertheless for these going for a stroll or stroll on the tune. “There are several various roads which will likely be badly short of repair or style,” he noticed. He instructed that a gaggle comprising public representatives be constituted to envision the quality of works executed below the Perfect Metropolis Mission.

“We adore the civic body for constructing a walkers tune, which has furthermore change into a favored hangout for the younger and the former. The begin fitness heart is furthermore effectively frail. But it surely stays to seen whether or no longer it is critical to tell nearly ₹1 crore for constructing one other pedestrian pathway on the reverse side. With the walkers tune turning into congested within the mornings and evenings, would possibly be one of the indispensable walkers can tell the pathway on the various side,” noticed R. Gopalakrishnan, a city resident who goes for an occasional stroll on the tune.

Nonetheless, residents concede the need for closing the big begin drain that runs along the boulevard as it would possibly perchance end result in accidents.

“Miniature doubt the begin drain wants to be closed; nevertheless an traditional platform also can unbiased be laid over it. However the estimate of ₹95 lakh appears very high. In preference to constructing a single boulevard as a degree to fraction, the Corporation must tell sight of various ingredients of the town where there is an urgent wish to invent roads with pedestrian pathways and present various facilities,” stated Enough.Chandrasekar, district president, Arts and Cultural Cell, Bharatiya Janata Celebration, Tiruchi district.