The metropolis police on Friday arrested a lady who changed into allegedly interested by the kidnap case of two-one year outmoded boy S. Ganesh which changed into reported on July 21 below the Two Metropolis police residing limits.

The arrested has been identified as S. Gowri (40), a toy vendor from Lankapatnam home, Vizianagaram. Earlier, the police nabbed P Salman Khan (19), B Roshan Raju (20), every auto-rickshaw drivers and, Shaikh Subhani (19), a toy vendor, all residents of Phool Bagh, Vizianagaram.

It’ll be neatly-known that Gowri, a relative of Roshan Raju ,had requested for a toddler for adoption. On July 20, Salman Khan, Raju and Shubhani came to one in all their relatives home in Visakhapatnam and noticed Ganesh crying whereas his people were sleeping halt to the footpath. The trio came in their auto-rickshaw and kidnapped him. Later, they handed over the toddler to Gowri.

Based mostly mostly on the complaint lodged by the people, the police personnel checked the CCTV footages and arrested the four accused. The toddler changed into rescued from them and handed over to people.